About Us
At ProChem, we strive to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with water and wastewater treatment and to provide sustainable solutions, all while benefitting our customers’ bottom line. We are water professionals with a focus on stewardship and customer satisfaction. Our number one corporate value is to “Protect people and the environment.”

How We Work

Water and wastewater issues can be complex and even confusing, especially when multiple companies are providing various pieces of the treatment program. We provide all the products and services our customers need to maintain a program that works for them, including friendly and knowledgeable technical support every step of the way. The partnership we develop with our customers ensures the success of the program.

Our fully equipped process development laboratory has bench- and pilot-scale testing for practically every treatment technology. We evaluate each customer’s water through treatability testing to determine the most effective treatment methods for meeting their unique needs.

Our Water Systems group consists of fabricators, pipe-fitters, electricians, and welders. We build the systems, prepare them for shipping, assemble, install, and start up.

We’re staffed to manage every aspect of water and wastewater treatment. If a customer needs technical staff to operate their system, we can provide trained Environmental Technicians to not only operate the system daily but maintain the program through regular testing, data analysis, and more. 

We design chemical treatment programs that are tailored specifically to each customer’s needs. We even provide custom-formulated blends. Customized programs save time and money.

We work with engineering firms, regulatory authorities, EHS managers, facility engineers, wastewater treatment operators, and plant managers to provide the best available solutions to meet each unique need. Our solutions are custom-tailored, automated, and equipped with customized web-based remote monitoring. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Each system is designed to meet quality and safety standards (OSHA, ASCE-07, AISC, AISA, IBC).

Our History

ProChem, Inc. was founded as a partnership between two water industry professionals: one with a focus on water systems and the other with a focus on chemical treatment programs. ProChem, Inc.’s first customer was an operational contract at a prominent automotive manufacturing facility. That account provided ProChem with the perfect platform to showcase and evolve its systems and services. It’s where the I-PRO™ was first installed. That facility is still a loyal and valued customer.

Since we were founded in 1999, we have provided our customers with high-quality water and wastewater treatment programs and support in the face of ever-changing regulations and standards.