Water treatment to protect valuable Engineered Wood & Pellet processing equipment

CleanWESPTM is a an all organic, proprietary chemical treatment process designed to reduce TSS, TDS, high chlorides, sodium oxide, and potassium oxide.  These particles can be found in water vapor that is transferred from the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) to the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) and become trapped inside the WESP and RTO media. This can plug up the equipment and media, even causing it to become brittle and dysfunctional. To prevent RTO media fouling and build up in the WESP, ProChem, Inc. designs a tailored chemical treatment program that will treat the recycle tank water prior to it being used in the process. This prevents harmful contaminants from entering expensive WESP and RTO equipment and piping.

CleanWESP for the Wood Industry

While hydro blasting and caustic cleaning can clean the equipment and media successfully, it is expensive and is only effective for a few cycles. Another RTO media repair option is to replace the media completely. This can cost millions between the materials, production down time, and labor.

Save Time & Money

CleanWESP saves time and money by eliminating the need for hydro blasting, reducing the amount of scheduled downtime for maintenance, and even eliminates the need to store wastewater on site and dispose of it. Our customers are reusing 100% of their water.

Read our featured case studies to learn more about the value of CleanWESP:

The Tailored ApproachCleanWESP treatment

ProChem tailors each CleanWESP program to the site, so the program meets each customer's unique needs. We also provide continual on site service and support, including full-time O&M services. We are system manufacturers and system integrators, who can design a wastewater treatment system to fit customer site requirements and then then install it.

We perform a comprehensive treatability study on each customer's water to determine the best treatment approach for that site. We want our customers to feel confident that the program will work before they purchase it.


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