Discharge Reduction Solution
A Case Study

Significant Strain Removed from Local POTW with Water Reuse Solution

The Customer
An automotive assembly plant whose manufacturing processes require approximately 200,000 gallons of fresh water per day and introduce zinc, nickel, phosphorus, and other assorted suspended solids into their wastewater.

The Problem
200K gallons of wastewater per day was being discharged, which placed a significant strain on their local POTW and resulted in periodic discharge permit violations. The customer's existing wastewater treatment system was a batch type system and would not be capable of meeting future production requirements. Additionally, the facility was under a corporate initiative to recycle wastewater.

The ProChem Solution
After completing the water analysis and assessing the facility's reuse potential and production goals, ProChem offered a new wastewater treatment solution with water reuse. This solution included a 350gpm continuous flow treatment system that removes the metals, phosphorus, and other assorted suspended solids from the wastewater, using ProChem's physical/chemical treatment and ion-exchange technologies. This system's design is flexible, so it is able to handle the facility's current production capacity and future expansions. The water reuse system further purifies the wastewater using ProChem's industrial high-pressure reverse osmosis (I-PRO™) technology and then feeds that water back into the facility's manufacturing process. The systems operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Both systems are equipped with local monitoring and automation controls, requiring minimal operator interaction.

With this solution in place, the strain on the facility's local POTW has been removed.

The Win

  • 100% discharge permit compliance
  • Removed strain on the POTW
  • Addressed corporate initiative for water recycling
  • Water cost savings