Treatment Program Increases Production
A Case Study

ProChem Chemical Treatment Program Allows Plant to Increase Production by 25%

The Customer
A building products manufacturer whose manufacturing processes utilized 250,000 gallons of fresh water per day that was treated and discharged to a local POTW.

The Problem
All of the facility’s liquid wastes were combined into a central treatment facility, where a multi-step treatment process was performed before the wastewater was discharged. The existing chemical treatment process, however, generated between 25 to 1,000 ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide in the discharge stream, leading to numerous complaints from residents in the community. The customer was faced with the expense of performing additional chemical treatment to reduce the odor downstream of the manufacturing facility as well as the negative publicity from the surrounding community.

The ProChem Solution
After completing the water analysis, where the overall treatment process was assessed through extensive bench scale testing, ProChem offered a new chemical treatment program that included the use of one ProChem chemical product that combines these agents:

  • Metal reducing
  • Coagulating

With ProChem’s chemical product in place, the customer is experiencing no sulfur odor and superior quality effluent, which extends the life of their 10 micron final filtration bag filters by 5 times. With such high quality effluent, the customer also contracted ProChem to provide a water reuse solution that will allow the facility to increase their manufacturing capability by 25% without obtaining additional discharge permit modifications.

The Win

  • Lower operating costs
  • Eliminated sulfur odor
  • Recovered reputation within the community
  • Created a wastewater reuse opportunity that will save money and allow the facility to increase manufacturing capability by 25%