Chemical Programs
An effective treatment program is at the core of every custom water solution ProChem creates. Having the right treatment program ensures that discharge permit limits are met and can reduce operations and maintenance costs.

Custom Solutions

Continuous optimization of a chemical treatment program can extend the life of the treatment system and process equipment, reduce chemical use, minimize hazardous waste disposal, and more. ProChem offers customized treatment programs for any industrial water challenge and provides ongoing support for optimization.

Our Chemical Engineers, System Design Engineers, and Technical Services staff work with our customers through every step of the development process.

Step 1: Identification

ProChem works closely with customers to assist in identifying the source of the problem. Representative water samples and any available data are submitted for a thorough analysis by our team of chemists and chemical engineers.

Step 2: Development

ProChem develops a treatment program based on our treatability studies. These programs are designed to resolve the customer’s issues and to meet their unique objectives, such as reducing sludge generation, eliminating solids, improving water clarity, and removing contaminants. Chemical treatment programs are developed using either in-house bench-scale pilot testing systems or onsite mobile pilot testing systems.

Our mobile pilot testing systems can be installed onsite, where we can demonstrate the treatment program at work on the customer’s live waste stream.

Step 3: Implementation

Upon completion of a treatability study, ProChem provides a report detailing recommendations for systems and chemical programs, project scope, and a detailed proposal. If additional treatment protocols are necessary, such as membrane filtration, they are included in the proposal.

Step 4: Optimization

ProChem's solutions are designed to meet dynamic process quality demands, protect equipment, and achieve compliant discharge with minimal waste generation. Our staff focuses continually on identifying opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

Chemical Products

Each industrial water application has unique properties, which can cause generic treatment programs to be inefficient and lead to discharge permit violations. With our comprehensive array of specialty and commodity chemical products, we can recommend the right chemical program for any industrial water challenge.


ProChem offers a complete line of foam control products designed for rapid defoaming as well as foam prevention. Our foam control products include:

  • Silicone based defoamers: High activity for tough surfactant or aeration foam.
  • Mineral oil based defoamers: Often used in pulp and paper, digestors, and aeration.
  • Water based emulsions: Utilized in effluent discharge to ensure no oily sheen.
  • Synthetic organic products: Designed to be used with membrane systems.


ProChem offers a variety of coagulants for use in water and wastewater treatment systems, specially formulated for individual applications and industries. We can conduct an analysis of the wastewater streams to determine the most effective treatment process for an individual facility. Some of our products include:

  • 1000 Series: Inorganic/organic blends to assist in water clarity, flocculant formation, and metals precipitation. These are commonly used in automotive manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, power generation, and general manufacturing.
  • 2000 Series: Organic coagulants designed for optimal water clarity and sludge reduction. These are used in waters originating from OSB, healthcare product, adhesive, glass, and semiconductor manufacturing processes.
  • 6000 Series: Specialty blended metal removal agents and coagulants all in one. Typical industries for these include plating, electronics manufacturing, steel mills, and ceramic chip manufacturing.

Metals Removal Agents

Depending upon the solubility of the metal involved, the pH of the wastewater, and the concentration of the metals, metal removal agents may be necessary to complete the chemical precipitation process. ProChem can design a chemical precipitation program to meet each specific need. Specially formulated metal removal agents can be used as chelate breakers and metals encapsulators, or for general metals reduction in various wastewater streams. A custom chemical blend can be formulated to address the most stringent discharge permit limits. Some of our products include:

  • 6400 Series: Specialty blended metal removal agents and coagulants all in one. These are designed primarily to remove Cu, Pb, Ni, and Zn in mixed metals wastewaters.
  • 6700 Series: Organic metal scavengers designed to target specific metals from a wide range of industries. Our specialty blends are designed to remove metals such as Cr6+, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, Sb, Sn, and more.


ProChem offers a full range of granular, powder, emulsion, and 100% active polymers for treatment of wastewaters generated from the food and beverage industries, mining, municipalities, and general industry.

  • 6100 Series: Emulsion products for use in general wastewater treatment systems.
  • 6200 Series: Granular products designed for ultimate flocculation and shear proof floc. For use in clarifiers and DAF units.
  • 6300 Series: Polymers specifically designed for optimal belt press operation and sludge de-watering.
  • 6500 Series: Low-price polymers for high-volume applications.

Odor Control and Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

These products are specifically designed to eliminate H2S odor and problems that can occur with specific wastewaters.

  • Fats Oils and Grease (“FOG”): Specifically designed to disrupt the FOG structure and breakdown odorous compounds, thus eliminating H2S production and odor. These products are designed to liquify FOG deposits while capturing the gas compounds at their source.
  • Sulfur Removal: Specifically designed to scavenge sulfides, thiols, mercaptans, VOCs, and other organo-sulfur compounds. Our products are designed to be used in wastewater, gas production, oil transfer, gas transmission lines, and more.
  • Digestors and Odor Control: Specifically blended to break down carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and sugars with a synergistic blend of natural digestors and odor scavengers. These products can be used in lagoons, activated sludge, bio solids, septic tanks, etc.

Membrane Care

When a membrane becomes fouled, the associated unit will exhibit higher than normal pressure rates and lower than normal permeate flow rates. The unit might also produce lower water quality. ProChem offers membrane cleaning chemicals to remove both biological and mineral contaminants from membranes.

  • Anti-Scale: Specialty formulated range of anti-scale products designed to enhance the membrane performance and increase membrane life. We offer a variety of blends to target specific scaling concerns. Custom blends are available for specific applications.
  • Membrane Cleaning: Complete line of membrane cleaning products to remove iron, scale, bio film, oils, and organics from membranes.