Compliance for Metals and Organics
A Case Study

ProChem Batch System Achieves 100% Discharge Compliance

The Customer
A power and automation products manufacturing plant whose manufacturing processes introduce zinc, copper, TSS, oils, and grease into their wastewater.

The Problem
The facility was experiencing discharge permit compliance issues with their existing wastewater treatment process.

The ProChem Solution
After completing the water analysis and assessing the facility’s production goals, ProChem, Inc. offered a new wastewater treatment system. The new system is a dual batch treatment system, featuring ProChem physical/chemical treatment and filtration technology. This system treats 9,000 gallons of wastewater per day (8 hour day), removing TSS, heavy metals, oils, and grease.

This system is equipped with local automation and monitoring controls, requiring minimal operator interaction.

With this ProChem system in place, the facility is experiencing 100% discharge permit compliance.

The Win

  • 100% discharge permit compliance
  • Ease of operation through system automation