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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

AutorunTM Control System

Proper wastewater treatment can require full-time, hands-on operation; however, with ProChem Inc.'s advanced instrumentation, controls and automation, complicated procedures can be managed in a single control panel, allowing for a smaller, smarter workforce.

AutoRunTM Remote can provide you peace-of-mind that your system is running properly and, in the case assistance is needed, our specialists can remotely connect to provide critical technical support

Remote Monitoring

If you want to make sure your system is running properly, AutoRunTM Remote will provide you access to your system via your desktop, tablet, or phone. A custom website provides a view of real-time and trend system data, in addition to email or SMS alerts. The system can collect data points from systems flows, tank levels, pressures, conductivities, and more. This data can be compiled into graphs to analyze the performance of the system.

Remote Connectivity

Being able to remotely connect to a system allows our controls and system specialists to observe performance in real-time under real conditions which, in turn, allows us to tune and/or modify the programming for overall performance gains.

Remote Control

Increased automation, reliability, and security features allows a remote control of a system to be an achievable goal. If remote control is coupled with quick-response technicians, it can even provide the best of on-site operation with expert operation.