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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

ProChem provides on-site pilot testing to demonstrate a treatment program’s performance in a live environment. Pilot tests provide an opportunity to optimize and enhance the performance of the program on site, so that our customers are confident that what they purchase meets their goals.

Recently, we sent a pilot system to Reno, Nevada, where it demonstrated how the full-scale process will facilitate physical/chemical treatment of the facility’s wastewater, followed by microfiltration (I-Micro™) in advance of an industrial high-pressure reverse osmosis (I-PRO™) system. ProChem operators took turns around-the-clock to ensure safety, quality, and ease of use at the customer site. The pilot system is simple to install using feed connections for the facility wastewater it will treat. It comes complete with operations documentation and log forms for test data collection. The technology components featured on this pilot system include:

  • ProChem’s I-PRO, high-pressure Reverse Osmosis unit
  • Chemical feed system and conical bottom feed tank
  • Membrane clean-in-place system