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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

Does your industrial process use a significant amount of water or have high costs associated with water or wastewater?

Our industrial water reuse customers experience immediate ROI on water costs.

Are you currently treating the purchased water before using it?

Our industrial water reuse customers report that the quality of recycled water is the best they've had for their process and have eliminated their pretreatment system as a result. Eliminating pretreatment means fewer chemicals to purchase and less equipment to maintain.

Do you know of a process or plant activity that could use recycled water?

The recycled water can be purified to the highest quality or to contain essential minerals that help the process to which the water will be fed. The industrial water reuse system is designed to meet your unique needs, not to meet the needs of the majority in an off-the-shelf solution.

Are your operating costs a prohibitive factor in wastewater treatment?

Our industrial water reuse systems are automated and offer web-based remote monitoring, so our reuse customers get more from their current operators without having to increase operating costs. We also offer outsourced industrial water reuse system operations, where we employ the operator so you don't have to.

Is there space available in your facility or outside of it to add an industrial water reuse system?

Our industrial water reuse systems are designed to be integrated into existing wastewater treatment systems and can even be installed outdoors in the open or in an external enclosure. We fabricate the systems in house, allowing us to design the system according to your footprint.