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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

ProChem, Inc. has been awarded a job for a leading titanium castings manufacturer in Oregon. The company is expanding a new Chemical Milling facility that improves employee safety and minimizes the company’s environmental footprint by adding waste recycling systems.

Namely, the facility will include a tailored ProChem, Inc. Industrial Water Reuse system, designed specifically for this customer’s application. This reuse system will treat the wastewater from the Chemical Milling facility and recycle it for reuse again in the Chemical Milling process.

The reuse system will achieve a 90%+ reuse rate using ProChem industrial high pressure reverse osmosis (I-PRO™) membrane technology, along with physical/chemical and deionization pretreatment protocols. The system features a clean in place (CIP) system for the I-PRO™ unit, allowing the customer to clean the RO membranes on site. The CIP saves time and money and extends the life of the membranes.

The water reuse system will be automated, so it is designed to operate all valves, pumps, and systems from a central PLC with a HMI. The HMI allows the operator to monitor the system. The system also features ProChem’s Remote Monitoring package, which provides web-based access to the water reuse system monitoring as well as trend data for analysis and reporting.

The system is scheduled for startup at the end of the year.  

ProChem strives to help their customers establish the highest level of credibility and a positive reputation within the regulatory community. Their goal is to significantly reduce the amount of fresh water that manufacturers require by providing sustainable solutions that will also benefit the customer’s bottom line.