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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

Congratulations to the ProChem, Inc. Water Systems team for a successful system start-up for a leading manufacturing of fiber cement siding and backboard. This system treats and reclaims effluent from the facility's existing wastewater treatment system for reuse in their manufacturing process. It features automation and web-based remote monitoring and utilizes ProChem, Inc. microbiocide, anti-scalant, and pH adjustment products.

This wastewater reuse system allows the customer to reuse 300k gallons of wastewater per day, instead of discharging it from the plant.

ProChem, Inc. industrial wastewater reuse system in conex containers ProChem Inc HPRO for Wastewater Reuse ProChem, Inc. HMI in PLC cabinet for the automation control system with web-based remote monitoring