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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

In the face of impending changes to the power industry's ELG limitations from the EPA, facilities are looking for a cost-effective solution for meeting stricter limits now and in the future.

This table outlines the proposed limits on the most heavily restricted contaminants and their concentrations found in FGD waste streams (that were used to test I-PRO technology).

Power Industry Proposed ELGs 

Traditional treatment methods utilize physical/chemical treatment and biological treatment, and then discharge the water. Doing so, however, still leaves room for permit violations. Traditional systems are also very large in size and are capital expensive.

Zero-liquid discharge is the best option for power generation facilities to meet these low ELG limits, as it the only method that will ensure 100% compliance now and in the future. ProChem's I-PRO technology in conjunction with solidification or evaporation can provide power generation facility's with an economical solution for meeting currently proposed regulations and future regulations.

The following results were reported a study conducted on ProChem I-PRO technology (with recommended pretreatment).

Contaminant Removal Data

ProChem IHPRO Removes Selenium

Recovery & Reuse Percentages

The following data is based upon a total daily flow of 100,000 gallons (average).

95 percent reuse rate with ProChem

Recovery Achieved - 95%

  • 5% Concentrate = 5,000 gpd
  • Evaporation and solidification options
  • <4 gpm of Concentrate to manage
  • Wastewater generated fro reuse/discharge: 95,000 gpd