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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

Conserve resources

Only 3% of Earth's total water supply is fresh water.

Of that 3%, only 0.008% is available for us to purify and use. The rest is contained in soil moisture and frozen in ice.

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Reducing the daily and hourly strain on that water means there will be more to go around at a given time. Industrial water recycling and reuse practices now are sustainable solutions with long term benefits.

Reduce operating costs

Reusing or recycling your facility's industrial wastewater means that you:

  • Won't have to purchase water as often or ever again, avoiding the ever-increasing water rates.
  • Won't need to pay to discharge to the sewer, avoiding surcharges and penalties.
  • Can have better quality influent via your recycled water than the city water you purchase now, so you can save on pretreatment efforts, equipment, maintenance, and product fouling.
  • Can use the recycled water for for any other process that uses water: utilities, cooling/heating water, process feed waters, and so on.

Eliminate discharge permits

You can reduce or eliminate your current and future wastewater permit challenges and liabilities. Because the amount of water you'll discharge will be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, you will be able to lower the discharge permit limits and never deal with flow restrictions again.

Brag about it

You'll earn the positive environmental image and the right to market yourselves as water stewards. Once you implement one sustainable practice and remove the worry associated with your wastewater, it is much easier to envision environmentally sound solutions and sustainable practices in other areas of the business.