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Read articles and the latest industry news from ProChem.

ProChem, Inc. has teamed up with Environmental Energy Services (EES) as part of their new KLeeNwater™ platform.

EES is a leading provider of engineering solutions for the optimization of combustion systems in the power industry. Together, ProChem, Inc. and EES will provide power generation facilities with solutions to meet their effluent limitation guidelines. The proposed EPA guidelines will enforce a stricter limitation to the water discharged from Power facilities, with an emphasis on reducing Selenium, Arsenic, Nitrites and Nitrates, and other contaminants.

EES will optimize existing physical/chemical separation processes to prepare wastewater for industrial high pressure reverse osmosis (I-PRO™) treatment. The IHPRO technology is designed and manufactured by ProChem, Inc. According to EES Vice President, Mark Pastore, the goal of this partnership is to “provide the most economical and effective option for these facilities.” So far, the results of this powerful relationship are…well, powerful. Considering the footprint of the MSH-pi as compared to traditional systems alone, where the I-PRO™ measures in at a mere fraction of the size of traditional systems used at Power facilities, this technology is certainly cause for consideration. What’s more, though, are the actual treatment results.

The I-PRO™ technology is producing such high quality effluent that wastewater reuse rates reach over 95%, and the final concentrate is 5% of the incoming water stream. Both factors make this technology an ideal situation for zero liquid discharge systems, which are also part of the KLeenWater platform. EES and ProChem believe that ZLD is the best solution for the Power Generation industry to ensure future compliance. ProChem, Inc. Vice President of Sales, David Martin, states that: “We’ve moved beyond the days of the traditional multi-acre footprint for removing Selenium...and [we’re] more interested in a long-term focus for solving the water problem. The reuse system with I-PRO is simply more economical and flexible, [but] more importantly it is the most effective [technology] out there…We are in the business of solutions, and we have the data to show for it.