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ProChem is proud to help sponsor OldTown Third Thursdays​ in nearby Shawsville, Virginia​.

Ticket sales benefit EastMont Virginia (Mountain Valley Charitable Foundation)​, whose vision is to "provide opportunity and empower community for eastern Montgomery County, Virginia." With employees living throughout the region, ProChem is happy to be a part of an event that features local food trucks, craft beer, and fun for the whole family--all while supporting a great cause! The events, which run monthly through October, feature several local bands:

ProChem pilot system

ProChem provides on-site pilot testing to demonstrate a treatment program’s performance in a live environment. Pilot tests provide an opportunity to optimize and enhance the performance of the program on site, so that our customers are confident that what they purchase meets their goals. We recently designed a compact and fully loaded pilot system that will operate at a customer site for several weeks to demonstrate how the full-scale process would work, removing up to 99.5% of dissolved salts and virtually all colloidal and suspended matter from their water source.

The system will produce a high-quality water yield at a low cost compared to other purification processes. Before the pilot system leaves ProChem's warehouse, our Water Systems team is putting it through its paces to ensure safety, quality, and ease of installation at the customer site. The pilot system is simple to install using feed connections for the city water it will treat. It comes complete with operations documentation and log forms for test data collection. The technology components featured on this pilot system include:

  • ProChem’s I-PRO, high-pressure Reverse Osmosis unit
  • Chemical feed system and conical bottom feed tank
  • Membrane clean-in-place system

The whole system is only 65" tall x 54" long x 36" deep. That's a lot of technology packed into a neat little package.

ProChem pilot system ProChem pilot system ProChem pilot system ProChem pilot system ProChem pilot system ProChem pilot system ProChem pilot system ProChem pilot system

ProChem is sponsoring the 7th Annual Nancy Valenkamph Memorial Golf Outing for the Benefit of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event

This event will take place Thursday May 18th in Demotte, Indiana. Bert Valenkamph is the event organizer. He became involved in Relay For Life after his wife, Nancy, died from neuro-endocrine carcinoma in February 2010. Bert pledge to Nancy that he would continue the work she started in fund raising efforts for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life program. He has dedicated his life to finding a cure.

Last year's golf event raised $140,000. The outing is so popular, in fact, that they are now offering a second event in September. This year's goal for the May outing is $150,000. ProChem is doing its part to help realize that goal. We are sponsoring two holes on the golf course. Many employees at ProChem have been directly or indirectly impacted by cancer at home and at work. We have lost a coworker to cancer, we have stood by coworkers as they received treatment, and we have celebrated with coworkers who are now in remission. We believe in doing our part to help fund the vital research that will finally lead to a cure. That's why we support Relay For Life.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from ProChem, Inc.

Beer tastes better when it's made with RO water.

Breweries source their water just like any other manufacturer: from the city supply. That water is drinkable, of course. However, the taste isn't pure. To brew a beer with just the right taste that's true to the hop, you need to start with highly filtered water. Reverse Osmosis is the best way. And that green beer, well, the food coloring is manufactured using treated water too. #watermatters  

ProChem provides skid-mounted systems like this one for ease of delivery, installation, and servicing.

This particular system will treat incoming city water to an automotive manufacturing facility using twin bag filtration units. It features a custom fabricated skid and copper piping, both welded and fabricated in house by ProChem Technician, David Cole.

The system is automated and monitors pressure. If the pressure on the active bag filter unit reaches a high pressure differential, water will be directed automatically to the second bag filter; and an alert will be provided to the operator so that the bag filter can be changed out. This system will allow higher quality water to enter the production process, improving quality overall. It will be installed at the front end of the manufacturing process in a facility for which ProChem already provides wastewater treatment and reuse systems, chemical treatment programs and chemistry, and daily operations. We offer a wide array of skid-mounted filtration systems. Find out which one is right for your facility by contacting us today.

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