Variable Wastewater Compliance Solution
A Case Study

Flexible ProChem Design Handles Variable Waste Streams

The Customer
A chemicals manufacturing facility whose manufacturing processes produce a wide variety of waste streams.

The Problem
The facility was previously discharging directly to the local POTW, but they were notified that would no longer be allowed to do so. The facility needed to treat their wastewater and the stormwater that comes in contact with their site.

The ProChem Solution
After completing the water analysis and assessing the facility’s production goals, ProChem offered a treatment solution to accommodate both the wastewater and stormwater. The solution included a 400 gpm continuous flow wastewater treatment system with ProChem physical/chemical treatment, ion-exchange, and filtration technology.

The continuous flow wastewater treatment system allows for a variable treatment program to successfully remove a wide variety of contaminants that are introduced into the waste streams.

This system is equipped with local monitoring and automation controls, requiring minimal operator interaction.

With this solution in place, the facility is experiencing 100% discharge permit compliance.

The Win

  • Wastewater and stormwater treatment needs met with one solution
  • Flexible treatment program design to accommodate facility’s variable waste stream
  • 100% discharge permit compliance
  • Minimal solids generation