Water Use Reduction
A Case Study

Client Reduces Annual Water Usage By 80%

The Customer
A truck engine and transmission manufacturer that generated oil-laden wastewater wanted to achieve an 80% industrial water reuse rate to eliminate hauling of wastewater to an off-site location for disposal.

The Problem
The cost and liability associated with the transport and disposal of 25,000 gallons of wastewater per day was excessive.

The ProChem Solution
Through evaluation, including water balance and treatability studies, ProChem confirmed the feasibility of an industrial water reuse system that would be designed, built, and operated by ProChem, relieving the customer of the responsibility for operation and maintenance of the system. Additionally, the automation of the system allowed for single-shift operation to help control overall system cost.

The Win
The system resulted in the reuse of up to 80% of the company's wastewater. The overall operational costs for treatment and disposal of the wastewater was by reduced 50% annually. Fresh water usage was also reduced by up to 20,000 gallons per day. ProChem technicians provided continuous water quality monitoring to ensure permit compliance and the proper function of processes. The customer received the following additional benefits:

  • No maintenance costs for rented equipment.
  • The elimination of an exterior wastewater storage facility (stormwater liability).
  • Assistance in facility inspections.
  • Assistance in the development of ISO 14400 procedures and documentation.