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Technologies for the Engineered Wood & Pellet Processing Industry

ProChem Inc.'s CleanWESPTM Technology increases production time and saves money by reducing the amount of scheduled downtime for maintenance, reducing media replacement, and eliminating on-site water storage and the associated costs of disposal.
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What Can CleanWESPTM Do For You?

Prevent media fouling of the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and contaminant buildup in the wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP), with ProChem, Inc.s' tailored chemical treatment program to treat the recycle tank water. CleanWESPTM platform can remove both particulate and inorganic compounds that can lead to diminished RTO/RCO bed life such as potassium oxide, silicone dioxide, and more.
This prevents harmful contaminants such as tars, tannins, and lignins from entering expensive WESP and RTO equipment and piping saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and downtime.

A Total Water Management Strategy


Increase Production Time

For every minute of maintenance downtime, the facility is losing valuable production time. The production process, unfortuantely, is dirty and over time particles plug up the media and build up in the WESP causing reduced efficiency and higher energy usage. Additionally, the particles can be introduced into the RTO, RCO, or biofilter causing irreparable media fouling or poisoning. The CleanWESPTM chemical treatment program prevents these harmful contaminants from entering expensive WESP, RTO equipment and piping allowing the plant to continue in production mode.



Reduce Operations and Maintenance Costs

While hydro-blasting and caustic cleaning can clean the equipment and media successfully, these are expensive and are only effective for a few cycles. Replacement of RTO media, or poisoned RCO media, costs millions of dollars for the media alone.


Prevent Unscheduled Downtime

Planned and Unplanned downtime is expensive. CleanWESPTM programs and equipment significantly reduce the cleaning time necessary for the WESP. Typically a dirty WESP can take 32 labor hours to clean. With CleanWESPTM the cleaning time can be reduced to just four (4) hours. If the cleaning is performed twice a month, this means you can gain two extra shifts of production a month.


Protect Emission Control Equipment

The following particles can be found in the water vapor and become trapped inside the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) and the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) media. This can plug up the equipment and media, even causing it to become brittle and dysfunctional.

  1. total suspended solids (TSS)
  2. total dissolved solids (TDS)
  3. high chlorides
  4. sodium oxide
  5. potassium oxide
  6. lignins
  7. tannins
  8. terpenes

Case Studies and Projects

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Increase Removal Efficiency

Learn how an Oriented Strand Board (OSB) mill located in the Southeast United States resolved maintenance issues and inefficient wastewater treatement operations

Sample project image

Reduce O&M Costs

See how we helped an Oriented Strand Board (OSB) manufacturer located in the Northeast United States incurring high maintenance costs and lost production time

Sample project image

Prevent Unscheduled Downtime

Find out how CleanWESPTM Technologies will benefit a wood pellets manufacturer incurring high costs associated with maintenance of their process equipment.

Sample project image

Protect Emission Control Equipment

Learn how an engineered wood products plant resolved high total suspended solids (TSS) and organics (tannins and lignins) in their wastewater.

Industrial Water Treatment Systems and Solutions

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ProChem Inc.'s Total Water Management strategy combines the best available industrial water and wastewater treatment technologies with operational expertise. Each solution is designed to meet dynamic process quality requirements, protect equipment, and achieve compliant discharge with minimal waste generation.
Whether it’s a chemical treatment program modification, a full system replacement, or outsourced operations, each ProChem Inc. solution comes with the full support of our comprehensive team of experts.
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