Outsourcing Earns Environmental Award
A Case Study

Award Winning Facility

The Customer
A leading shopping cart supplier in the United States, producing approximately 3,000 shopping carts per day, moved into a new manufacturing facility containing painting, plating, and assorted metal working operations.

The Problem
The customer was unable to consistently operate their wastewater treatment system in compliance within local discharge permit requirements. This forced the customer to discharge wastewater out of compliance or dispose of it off-site at a considerable expense. The customer's inexperienced technical staff also struggled to manage environmental regulatory issues, resulting in an assortment of non-compliance problems with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. The customer was spending considerable time, effort, and money attempting to resolve these concerns.

The ProChem Solution
ProChem provided a skilled staff of on-site technicians to operate and maintain the wastewater treatment system. ProChem’s treatability chemists developed an effective wastewater treatment process that allowed for all liquid wastes to be processed on-site instead of being transported off-site for treatment. The customer contracted the management of all environmental programs to ProChem, resulting in the development and implementation of a system for managing permits, employee training, regulatory reporting, and record keeping.

The Win
Today, the wastewater treatment system cost-effectively treats all liquid wastes generated by the facility and maintains an excellent compliance record. All environmental issues with regulatory agencies were resolved, and the customer has since received numerous environmental awards including "Most Improved Industry" and multiple "Gold Awards for Environmental Excellence."

Moreover, ProChem manages all environmental programs for the customer and serves as an intermediate between the company and regulatory agencies. With their environmental programs operating cost-effectively and in compliance, the customer can now focus on core business activities.