I-PRO Increases Reuse Rate
A Case Study

95%+ Reuse Rate Achieved When I-PRO™ Replaced Standard RO

The Customer
An automotive assembly plant with an existing water reuse system and a corporate sustainability initiative to reach a reuse rate exceeding 95%.

The Problem
The facility’s wastewater treatment program included a wastewater treatment system that used physical/chemical treatment technology to remove nickel, zinc, and other metals from the facility’s wastewater and then fed the treated wastewater to a water reuse system. The existing water reuse system included a low pressure reverse osmosis technology that was not allowing the facility to achieve the desired reuse rate.

The ProChem Solution
After completing the water analysis, assessing the facility’s additional reuse potential and production goals, ProChem offered a new water reuse system that utilizes ProChem’s industrial high pressure reverse osmosis (I-PRO™) technology to better purify the wastewater at a higher volume per minute (than the previous low-pressure RO technology).

The water reuse system is equipped with local monitoring and automation controls and ProChem’s web-based remote monitoring service, requiring minimal operator interaction. With this upgraded water reuse system in place, the facility is experiencing a wastewater reuse rate that exceeds 95%.

The Win

  • Addressed corporate initiative for water recycling
  • Cost savings on water purchasing, chemical/physical treatment, and discharge permit
  • 95% or better reuse rate of their wastewater
  • Higher quality process water