Water Purification

For some industries, municipal water sources do not meet necessary purity levels. A 00660_splash_2560x1600-1024x600-300x176ProChem water purification system can ensure that your company meets even the highest of water purity standards. ProChem water purification systems are designed to integrate with other technologies (i.e., a ProChem industrial wastewater treatment system) or work alone in standalone applications (e.g., water softening, dealkalization, and media filtration).

Water Purification Applications:

  • Reverse osmosis pretreatment (e.g., softening and dechlorination)
  • Boiler and cooling tower feed
  • Groundwater pretreatment
  • Ion-exchange pretreatment
  • Desalination systems
  • Industrial water reuse/recycling
  • Cleaning and rinsing process pretreatment
  • Dye and finishing water pretreatment


Membrane FiltrationIon-Exchange
Ultra-Pure WaterParticle Filtration