Selective Ion-Exchange

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Removing metals from industrial wastewater can be expensive and difficult to manage. ProChem's Metaloc™ ion-exchange system makes metals removal affordable and simple to manage. This process utilizes ion-exchange technology to selectively target the metals in the wastewater it treats.

Each Metaloc™ system is designed according to each customer's unique water makeup. The first step is a treatability test, so we can determine which ion-exchange resins, flow rates, and configurations will work best in your facility. These systems are also available as a portable exchange deionization program (PEDI).

A ProChem Metaloc™ metals removal system means:

  • Reduction in operational responsibilities and cost
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Elimination of hazardous chemical handling and sludge disposal
  • Increased potential for industrial water reuse
  • Integration into your existing wastewater treatment system

A Turnkey Solution

ProChem will install and configure the system (i.e., tanks, pumps, controls, piping) and train your staff on the operation and maintenance of the system. Additionally, our technicians will deliver fresh containers, install them at your site, and transport exhausted media to our facility for regeneration.

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Ideal for Water Reuse Applications

Metaloc™ is especially well-suited for industrial water reuse systems. Reusing your industrial wastewater can reduce or even eliminate the need to discharge wastewater. This saves on environmental compliance costs like laboratory testing, sewer charges, and permitting fees or penalties.