Total Water Management

Total Water Management III

What is Total Water Management?

Total Water Management is a platform of products and services, representing ProChem's philosophy for managing industrial water and wastewater. We believe that to effectively manage all aspects of a facility's water-related issues, we must approach the issues holistically. Our comprehensive set of products and services mean that our customers have access to everything they need for managing their water now and in the future. We work with our customers to determine the best treatment approach for their needs and to meet their budget.

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Water Management Issues

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While water plays a vital role in a business' industrial processes, water and wastewater management is not a core business function. Permit violations, personnel requirements, systems and equipment design, monitoring costs, and other aspects of water and wastewater management can be an expensive liability for a company. Your water and wastewater management issues might include:

    • Difficulty in training, supervising, and retaining proper personnel
    • Lacking process design expertise that is needed to meet dynamic process demands
    • Difficulty in maintaining compliance and managing permits in a changing regulatory landscape
    • Inefficiencies in equipment utilization and maintenance costs
    • Uncontrolled variable monthly costs
    • Difficulty in managing inventory


How ProChem Can Help

ProChem's Total Water Management strategy combines the best available water and wastewater treatment technologies with operational expertise. Our programs are designed to meet dynamic process quality demands, protect your equipment, and achieve compliant discharge with minimal waste generation. Our staff focuses continually on identifying opportunities for improvement and cost savings. ProChem's Technical Service and Customer Service staff exist so that you can place orders conveniently, guarantee that your system is monitored properly, and so that we can answer questions and address concerns proactively. Let us be your end-to-end solution for managing your industrial water.