Water Reuse Systems

Our industrial water reuse equipment uses the most effective wastewater treatment technologies to treat and reuse the wastewater from most any industrial process.

Water reuse systems enable companies to be proactive with water stewardship. ProChem, Inc. industrial water reuse equipment integrates seamlessly into existing industrial wastewater treatment processes to reclaim effluent, treat it, and then supply the purified water back to the facility wherever it's needed: from painting and plating rinse lines to Deionization feed water and cooling tower makeup water and more. Our innovative and flexible technology allows us to turn what was once wastewater into a high-quality process water.

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Technologies Used

Effectively reusing industrial wastewater is a multi-step process, combining the most effective water treatment protocols in a particular order, yielding the highest quality effluent that can be reused in the facility. ProChem, Inc. industrial water reuse systems utilize the following treatment protocols:

  • Physical & chemical treatment/ion-exchange
  • Solids removal (filtration, settling, and so on)
  • Chemical pretreatment
  • Membrane filtration/industrial high pressure reverse osmosis (I-PRO™)
  • Sterilization/microbiological control

The treatment process for a ProChem, Inc. industrial water reuse system is tailored to the specific needs of the facility (some processes require higher purity water than others), and all treatment programs are designed to reduce solids generation (sludge) and allow for reuse of 100% of the reclaimed wastewater.

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How it Works

Our chemists and engineers will:
ProChem Capabilities

  1. Analyze your unique water through a water feasibility study.
  2. Design a customized solution for your facility.
  3. Implement the system and train its operators (your employees or subcontractors).
  4. Support your operation and maintenance needs to ensure the system's success. We are a chemical vendor and manufacturer and a spare parts vendor.

Our systems feature automated control systems with full color touchscreen interfaces and web-based remote monitoring, complete with alerts and reporting. With automation and remote monitoring in place on a system designed specifically for your facility's water and footprint, operators can focus on other responsibilities--worry free.