System Integration

ProChem provides expert integration services to meet any facility's needs

New system installation

We the install water and wastewater treatment systems ourselves. Each system is delivered in pre-assembled pieces from our Fabrication & Assembly crew, and our experienced installation team completes the installation on site and does not leave until the system is running successfully in the live environment.

System Improvement and Optimization

We strive to provide our customers with a solution to their water treatment needs. Whether that is a completely new system or replacing pieces of the existing equipment or modifying the treatment program. We can help to improve upon an existing process so that it is meeting the customer's needs.

When it's time to replace an existing water or wastewater treatment system, we can disassemble the old system and replace it with the new one. To ensure there is limited downtime in the facility, we also provide temporary treatment systems that we will operate on site during the transition.

Controls system retrofitting

New and old systems alike should be monitored to ensure reliable and safe operation. They can be fitted with controls instrumentation to provide live readings to an advanced HMI and web-based remote monitoring software. Automation features can also be retrofitted to enhance the performance of the system and reduce the burden of manual operation, freeing up valuable employees to focus on other critical tasks.

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