Solutions Partners

ProChem is dedicated to providing the best solution available for our customers.

We collaborate with experts in specific technologies to ensure that the solution we provide is the most effective one possible.

Our Solutions Partners


KLeeNwater is a leading provider of total water management solutions for the power industry including ELG compliance, GTCC treatment, concentrate management options, and zero liquid discharge options. KLeeNwater combines chemical pretreatment with multiple equipment options such as I-PRO, I-Micro, I-UF, and Selective Ion-Exchange to provide optimized treatment programs. The small, modular system design is simple to install, quick to start up, and expands easily to handle higher treatment rates. They have mobile, on site pilot systems available for treatment studies in production environments. All solutions are automated and can be monitored on site and remotely. KLeeNwater is a joint venture between ProChem, Inc. and EES.

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ABS Wastewater  is a full service water and wastewater treatment company with novel solutions to fit many industry needs. Their flagship family of Regenex Wastewater Treatment Systems represents a cutting-edge product line suitable for a diverse clientele of wastewater generators, treaters, and handlers. Drawing off nearly a decade of experience in wastewater system design and development, ABS Wastewater understands the complex nature of wastewater streams and takes pride in their ability to offer solutions with individual client concerns in mind. They also offer a comprehensive suite of complimentary services, including onsite sampling, in-house laboratory analysis, treatability studies, and system design consultation.

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