We offer a variety of features and customization options to provide our customers with a seamless and painless commissioning process. Our project management and technical services teams deliver personalized and professional service from fabrication to start-up and beyond.

Fabrication & Installation

Fabrication. ProChem's in-house fabrication team provides us with the flexibility to customize each component to meet our customer’s needs exactly.

Replacement. We can a provide temporary, trailer-mounted system to ensure the facility’s continuous operation during disassembly of the old system and installation of the new system.

Installation. Our Water Systems team personally assembles and tests a system prior to preparing and loading system components for shipping. This same team provides experienced and timely installation services at the customer site. We don’t leave until the system is fully operational.

Start-up. Our installation and start-up crews handle every detail of the start-up process, from extensive onsite training to monitoring the system performance in live production.

Pilot Testing

Capability. The technologies utilized in our full-scale systems are integrated into the pilot systems: ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion-exchange, etc. With our trained operators on site, we ensure the performance of the system.

Flexibility. Designed to operate on-site for several weeks or months, these systems provide confirmation that the treatment program will meet the customer’s needs. Sizes typically range from 1- to 5-gallon-per-minute flow rates and can be containerized or skid-mounted.

Remote Monitoring & Automation

On-site. Operators can monitor live data from the automated system and adjust treatment settings all from one central interface with ProChem’s AutoRun™ program.

Web-based. View live performance data and historical trends from any internet-ready device with ProChem’s web-based Remote Monitoring service.

Retrofitting. With ProChem’s controls retrofitting services, we can bring modern automation and monitoring to any water treatment process.

Industry 4.0 Controls Capabilities. Harness the emerging power of the “industrial internet of things” to improve operational efficiency, safety, and profitability.