Remote Monitoring

View the Condition and Performance of Your Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Remotely

ProChem's water and wastewater treatment systems are designed for remote monitoring capabilities and utilize a modern, cloud-based approach.

Specifically, treatment system data is transmitted from your water or wastewater treatment equipment to local database servers at ProChem headquarters. A customized view of the data is displayed on screen so that you can monitor your system from any device with an internet connection ( e.g., smart phone, tablet, PC). From a simple summary to a detailed view of system parameters, you can monitor your system's performance anytime, anywhere.

634069.TIF  Remote Monitoring Cloud

Examine Trends

In addition to viewing your wastewater treatment system status remotely, ProChem software provides detailed reports and graphs that you can use to analyze your system's performance over time. Data can be viewed in convenient charts or exported for use in spreadsheets. These reports and views also help ProChem to assess your system's performance and identify ways we can improve your system's efficiency and throughput.