Power Generation Industry

ProChem's I-PRO™ Technology Meets ELG Limits

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ProChem, Inc.'s industrial high pressure reverse osmosis equipment (I-PRO™) is proven to remove Selenium, Arsenic, Mercury, Boron, and other FGD wastewater contaminants. I-PRO™ technology is part of the MSH-pi water reuse system designed specifically for treating FGD wastewater at Power Generation facilities. The system is capable of producing a reuse rate of over 95%. The recycled water can be reused wherever it is needed in the facility.

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ProChem Inc IHPRO for Wastewater Reuse

High pressure reverse osmosis equipment fabricated by ProChem, Inc.

Advantages of ProChem I-PRO™ water reuse systems:

  • Flexible design, tailored to your needs
  • Small footprint with big results
  • End-of-pipe design
  • Reuse up to 95% of wastewater
  • Ideal for zero liquid discharge pretreatment
  • Monitoring and automation controls
  • Web-based remote monitoring

Eliminate Discharge Permits with ProChem's Zero Liquid Discharge Options

Achieve zero liquid discharge and reuse your FGD wastewater with ProChem IHPRO plus ZLD
ProChem zero liquid discharge systems are engineered for us in Power Generation facilities to eliminate wastewater discharging and utilize evaporation or solidification technology. Achieving zero liquid discharge is the only way to ensure that you never need to react to changes in effluent limitation guidelines again. The combination of IHPRO technology and ZLD guarantees compliance now and in the future.

ProChem's IHPRO plus ZLD technology

Achieve zero liquid discharge and reuse your FGD wastewater with ProChem IHPRO plus ZLD

Advantages of ProChem ZLD systems:

  • Utilizes existing physical/chemical treatment system
  • Flexible design that is tailored to your needs
  • Monitoring and automation controls
  • On-site pilot testing available
  • Integrates with industrial water reuse systems
  • Small footprint with big results

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