Pilot Studies

Ensuring the Effectiveness of Design

ProChem Pilot System

ProChem Pilot Test System on-site.

Once a treatment strategy has been identified, a pilot test system can be assembled and operated at your facility for several weeks to ensure that that the system will meet your company's needs. A pilot study can also reveal the equipment and process modifications that will be necessary before the final installation of the water reuse or wastewater treatment system. A ProChem pilot test systems is a complete, miniature representation of your proposed treatment system, including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, chemical precipitation, ion-exchange, or other selected treatment technologies.

These systems are available in 2 - 5 gallon per minute flow rates and include:

  • I-PRO unit
  • Physical/chemical treatment system
  • Filter press
  • Controls and automation
  • Operator 5 days per week

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Skid Mounted Ion-Exchange Pilot System in Testing by ProChem’s Water Systems Team.