Closed Loop Compliance
A Case Study

New Facility Prevented Costly Wastewater Disposal with ProChem Closed Loop System

The Customer
A manufacturing plant for recycled and renovated heavy duty truck parts that produces a specific type of wastewater and requires approximately 10K gallons of fresh water per day.

The Problem
With no access to a sanitary sewer for discharging their wastewater, the customer was planning to use an in-ground, oil-water separation system that required costly biological treatment and solids disposal.

The ProChem Solution
After completing the water analysis and assessing the facility's reuse potential and production goals, ProChem offered an alternative to the costly in-ground system. The solution was a zero liquid discharge (above ground) system that utilizes ion-exchange and ultraviolet technologies, completely eliminating the need to discharge wastewater. The system features a small footprint with a competitive price.

This system is equipped with local monitoring and automation controls, requiring minimal operator interaction.

With the zero liquid discharge system in place, the facility is experiencing 100% wastewater reuse.

The Win

  • No discharge permit
  • 100% wastewater reuse in a closed-loop system
  • Lower capital investment than the proposed alternative system
  • Lower operating costs by not having to purchase fresh water
  • Water stewardship demonstrated in a state with water shortage