Metals Removal

WaterBoyTreatment of metal-laden waters can be expensive and challenging to manage. We can perform a treatability study on your water or wastewater to determine which metal removal option is best suited for your processes of water and wastewater treatment: chemical precipitation or selective ion-exchange.

Chemical Precipitation for Metals Removal

Depending upon the solubility of the metal involved, the pH of the wastewater, and the concentration of the metals, you may need chemical precipitation to remove heavy metals from your wastewater. ProChem can design a chemical precipitation program that will remove metals such as Zinc, Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Lead, and more. Our chemical treatment programs are designed for your needs. We can even develop a custom chemical blend to address the most stringent discharge permit limits.

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Selective Ion-Exchange for Metals Removal

Selective ion-exchange can eliminate disposal issues, lower installation costs, and has smaller footprint than chemical precipitation systems. These systems are also efficient at removing even traces of impurities from solutions. For example, you can achieve concentrations less than 0.5 ppm through selective ion-exchange.

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