Operations And Maintenance

ProChem's Water and Wastewater Management Solution

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As part of our single-source strategy for industrial water and wastewater treatment, ProChem offers comprehensive, on-site O&M services for our customers' water and wastewater treatment facilities. These services are tailored to suit each customer's specific needs and can be modified to meet changing production requirements.

ProChem also offers a variety of pretreatment operations - from contracted operations that require limited activity by the customer, to complete pretreatment operations and maintenance, including chemical purchasing and inventory control.

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O&M Services:

  • Day-to-day systems operation (e.g., perform calibrations and routine maintenance, facilitate record keeping, and prepare discharge monitoring reports)
  • Inventory management and purchasing of operational supplies (e.g., chemicals, safety supplies, and spare and replacement parts)
  • Chemical program monitoring
  • High-purity water system monitoring
  • Web-based remote monitoring for all water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Waste disposal management
  • Regulatory program assistance (e.g., waste storage area inspections, storm water sampling, and regulatory report preparation)

Evolve and Grow

Successful subcontracting of your water or wastewater treatment system requires a constant commitment to analysis and improvement as process requirements change. Your business needs are constantly shifting as technology, regulatory, and market requirements change. Likewise, your treatment needs will change with your business. Because of this, ProChem commits itself to continuous monitoring and reviews of our processes. We work to optimize treatment technology and implement process automation whenever feasible and desirable. Beyond serving as skilled operators and support personnel, our staff is constantly searching for efficiency gains and possible water reuse opportunities within your facility. Our goal is to evolve and grow with your business so that the subcontracting of your water treatment remains the best option for your company.