ProChem offers a variety of defoaming additives to eliminate overflow issues and expedite your production.

We have additives of all types:

  • Alcohol-baseddefoam
  • Oil-based
  • Silicone-based
  • Specialty organic

We can perform a treatability study on your water or wastewater to determine which defoamer is right for you.
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Product Listing

PC-1430 De-Foamer Soaps and surfactant foam General Anti Foaming Agent: Use with Resin and Membrane Systems Auto, Chemical, Metals, Electronics, General, Medical, Aviation, Railroad
PC-1331 De-Foamer High Temperature Applications Good with Biological Foam, Pulp and Paper, High Temperatures Pulp, Wood, Food, Healthcare, Auto, Electronics
PC-1440 De-Foamer Surfactants and Tough to Control Foam Organic Based Product Good with Surfactants, High Temperature Power, Paper, Wood, Healthcare, Rail