Chemical Treatment Programs

We specialize in tailored chemical treatment program development

The right chemical treatment program can make all the difference in your wastewater treatment system and within your facility. Not only will you meet your discharge permit limits, but you could save on operational and maintenance costs. Adjustments to a chemical program can extend the life of your treatment and process equipment, reduce chemical use, eliminate hazardous waste disposal, and more.

With our comprehensive array of chemical products, we can prescribe the right chemical program for any wastewater challenge.ProChem Treatability Lab Technician For example, chemical precipitation is an effective method for removing most metals from water. Our metals removal technology removes up to 100% of metals from wastewater, all with low sludge production.

We test your water

The first step is a treatability test, where we will analyze your wastewater to determine a treatment method that reduces sludge production, eliminates solids, removes metals, and so on. Our programs are guaranteed to meet your discharge permit limits. The testing process is simple: You send your water sample to our laboratory in a provided container, and we send back your treatment program proposal.

We provide solutions

We consider your water needs holistically by also taking into consideration your facility's challenges and goals. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that you can depend on. For example, you may like the idea of reusing your wastewater, but are unsure if it is possible with your waste stream. We can prescribe a chemical treatment program that will make your wastewater viable for reuse, and we can tell you what your reuse rate would be. Often, water reuse requires more than just a chemical program. If additional treatment protocols such as membrane filtration are needed to achieve your goals, we will include that in the proposal too.

Water Reuse Water Study

We demonstrate the results

ProChem Pilot Testing System

We have comprehensive laboratory capabilities, including bench and pilot scale test systems. Our mobile pilot testing systems can also be installed at your site, where we can demonstrate the chemical treatment program at work on your live waste stream.

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