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Wood Products Industry – Benefits of Reusing Process Water

For the Engineered Woods and Pellets industries especially, treating and reusing WESP wastewater can save millions of dollars per year in maintenance costs alone. From an operations perspective, the equipment at the plant comes second only to personnel. If equipment function isn’t optimal, production will suffer. Maintenance tasks such as cleaning out WESP and RTO…
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Water Reuse Systems

Our industrial water reuse equipment uses the most effective wastewater treatment technologies to treat and reuse the wastewater from most any industrial process. Water reuse systems enable companies to be proactive with water stewardship. ProChem, Inc. industrial water reuse equipment integrates seamlessly into existing industrial wastewater treatment processes to reclaim effluent, treat it, and then supply…
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ProChem I-PRO Meets ELG for Power Generation

The EPA recently rolled out the final, updated ELGs for the power generation industry. ProChem and EES have partnered to provide a solution that not only meets these limits but exceeds them. The KLeeNwater solution features ProChem’s I-PRO™ technology and a recommended chemical pretreatment program. Here is the data. Analyte Unit Daily Maximum Limitation 30 Day Average Limitation…
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