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Wastewater Treatment Systems

ProChem industrial wastewater treatment systems are designed to support a facility's water needs and goals. It all starts with a treatability test, where we will analyze water samples from your facility so that we can prescribe the wastewater treatment program that is best for you. In some cases, only a chemical treatment program may be…
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Ion-Exchange Pilot System for Nitrate Removal

ProChem recently assembled and delivered an Ion-Exchange Pilot System for a new customer. This pilot system will remove nitrates from the customer’s wastewater. This system will be placed at the customer’s site for several weeks to demonstrate how the full scale process will work. Pilot System Features Skid-mounted and accessible by fork lift or pallet…
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Using Ion Exchange to Remove Ammonia

Ammonia can be detrimental to the environment and therefore its concentrations are regulated with discharge permits. For example, when Ammonia enters a lake or stream, aerobic organisms begin to break it down into Nitrates. The excess of Nitrates fuels eutrophication, which can lead to the degradation of that water supply and the quality of that…
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